How to build efficient and affordable hydrogen electric power trains with a combination of long range and lifetime?

Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)

Battery-electric drive systems offer a dynamic energy supply and high-power output. At the same time, the batteries take up a lot of installation space and increase the vehicle’s weight. Freedom of mobility is only possible with a BEV if the power grid and charging infrastructure are expanded quickly enough to meet the growing demand.

Struture of Battery Electric Systems

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV)

FCEVs are lighter compared to BEVs. The refueling process takes as long as for a vehicle with an internal combustion engine. A PEM fuel cell runs most efficiently at steady-state operation below maximum load. Dynamic load requirements, such as acceleration during overtaking, increase the consumption of hydrogen and promote the ageing process of the fuel cell.

Brennstoffzellen System

Fuel Cell Range-Extender (REX)

Fuel cell range extenders combine the advantages of BEV and FCEV. Dynamic provision of power is ensured by the battery. The battery is continuously charged by the range extender. Stationary operation of the range extender under partial load alters the lifetime of the fuel cell and enables optimal yield of the hydrogen carried. As a result, the battery can be downsized. The vehicle becomes lighter and offers additional installation space, either for integration of the range extender or for alternative use. In terms of driving dynamics and refueling time, a FC-REX is on par with a vehicle using an internal combustion engine. And it does so without emitting particles that are harmful to health or the climate. It also offers maximum flexibility, as both refueling and charging stations can be used.

Structure Range Extender Hybrid

Use the flexible modular REX solution patented by STACK

Our fuel cell range extender systems are based on standard modules. The resulting flexibility ensures time- and cost-efficient system development. The retrofitting of existing vehicles places individual demands on performance, range, available installation space, etc.  Our modular range extender can be customized to meet our customers’ requirements

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