How to gain better control over the fuel cell system performance?

Fuel cell system modelling and simulation

We create steady-state and dynamic system models specific to your product requirements. Different operating scenarios and use cases can be simulated using these models. Choose from our services like data-based models, physically based 0-dimensional/1-dimensional models or combinatorial models according to your needs. We gladly offer consultation to find the right solution for your application. Depending on the project requirements, these models are used in various formats, such as system architecture studies, development of energy management strategies or fuel consumption minimization studies. Furthermore, we perform model calibration based on test data which supports the development of controller software.

Fuel cell control system and software development

Software development is one of the core competencies of STACK Hydrogen Solutions. We apply state of the art tools and techniques and follow a systematic approach to software development that helps us in reducing software bugs and to minimize the development and testing lead times. An agile development framework offers a high degree of flexibility in terms of change management. We offer solutions at all stages of software development starting from Model in the Loop (MiL), Software in The Loop (SiL) and Hardware in the Loop (HiL) testing and validation.

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