Which hydrogen-based system configurations complement my product best?

Installation space conception and construction support

The size of the installation space and the installation position are significant hurdles to the transformation to hydrogen-electric e-mobility. The combination of fuel cell and battery poses different requirements than classic combustion engine platforms. With our help, you can identify system configurations for your vehicles that expand the sustainable performance portfolio of your product. You too can benefit from the innovative, pragmatic and fast solutions developed by our experienced team.

Feasibility study

We analyze your existing or upcoming products and show you transfer possibilities to sustainable hydrogen-powered solutions. Based on a jointly developed product vision, you get a first evaluation of the essential system properties, such as performance, weight, size and cost.

We point out to your individual options and visions for the sustainable mobility of your products. With the help of a roadmap developed by us, you will get an overview of the necessary steps to reach your goal. This could include a feasibility study, basic engineering followed by detail engineering and the first functional prototype up to the homologated series product.

Transition to a emission free future!

Reach your destination environment friendly

Shape new structures with renewable power

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